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Request Information 

Pricing & Quotation

Simcoe Residential Services is pleased to offer attractive hourly pricing or quoted service. 

We are certain we beat our larger competitors pricing, as we simply do not carry as much overhead costs related to labour or idle inventory & machinery.

Pricing is determined through consultation with the client and the free on-site assessment of the required work.


Final pricing is agreeable and mutually acceptable between both parties. Whether quoted or hourly services are requested. Written estimates provided.

We appreciate all job...even the smaller ones. Please note we quote / charge a minimum of 4 hours on smaller jobs. 



Quotes & Payment Terms

Generally, an estimate is only provided to a client following an onsite visit and assessment of your project requirements and job needs. This is to assure we are aligned on the project scope, details and ultimately enables us to provide you with an accurate work estimate.
At Simcoe Residential Services, we make payment terms easy and convenient for our customers by providing payment options such as: Cash, E-Transfer and in some limited cases by cheque. Thank you.
Deposits - In some cases we require a deposit from our clients to account for pre-purchasing of job related material and to confirm & secure your appointment & work schedule.